Monday, January 11, 2010


Wish to treasure the precious moments of your life with your loved ones? Wish those precious moments to be remembered for life long and even after you are gone? Well,presenting My Heart

Why use My Heart
1>This website provides a secure platform to store your most cherished memories photos, recordings, letters, copies of memorabilia.You can also store your individual thoughts and messages.
2>It also enables you to leave dedicated messages for loved ones which can be instantly available to loved ones when they access your Heartwill, or scheduled to be delivered to them in the future

How to use My Heart Will?
1>Sign up for the account and create various forms like writing a letter or story, or creating a photo album or video series.  You could even upload a copy of a birth certificate, or scan in images from scrapbooks

2>You can write a message to be sent to a loved one at a future point in time, when you are no longer here

3>Lets you appoint a reliable person,such as a partner, sibling or close friend – as your ‘Guardian’.who will be responsible for putting your valuable legacy into the right hands when it’s needed.

Also,read the master mind behind heart will in "Living On with My Heart Will". You can also find them on Facebook

What are you waiting for? Create a legacy with My Heart Will

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