Thursday, October 1, 2009



  • Use his language & terminology – allow him to use
  • Use e-mail, SMS, post-it slips
  • Listen more than speak
  • Tolerate his wide mood swings from adult to child – don’t react
  • Allow his silences on vital issues (but express your disappointment)
  • Encourage him to talk about his friends (be non-judgmental)
  • Be consistent in exercising your authority
  • Show interest in activities that he likes
  • Give him space
  • Offer to help him, but allow him freedom to choose
  • Send him unexpected messages/gifts (and don’t expect response)
  • Exhibit a positive mental attitude about yourself
  • Share family worries, but reassure that you can handle it
  • Don’t ever compare with sibling
  • Praise specific acts of his (note, card, gift, public acknowledgement)
  • Be a role model in day to day activities
  • Bring up topic of concern, be non-judgmental, and ask for his views

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