Thursday, October 1, 2009


The best marriage is one that is equally strong on the following four pillars that hold it up permanently.

  1. Communication: Whether you fight, disagree or express negative feelings, it is always better to talk it out rather than keeping things in your heart. Communication is not just talking about day to day affairs, you should be able to express your innermost feelings freely.
  2. Respect: You may have differences, but you should never put down the tastes, habits, relationships or values of your partner. You can express your dislike, but respect your spouse’s need to do things in a different way.
  3. Trust: No marriage can survive without mutual trust. Even if your spouse has let you down once or twice, never generalize, be suspicious, or attribute wrong motives.
  4. Commitment: However bad things are, remain committed to your relationship. Never threaten to separate or divorce, even in your most angry mood. Let your spouse feel secure that the relationship is permanent, even at the most turbulent times.

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