Thursday, October 1, 2009


An extensive study done by a voluntary organization, the type of homes which parents create for their children, is the key factor for children to take a constructive or destructive path in life. They have classified families into six types:

I. RESTAURANT TYPE - where family members come in only for meals & each goes his/her way without care/concern.

II. CEMETERY TYPE - where no communication takes place between anybody, an atmosphere of terror in the family prevails, with the father or mother or both exercising stern controls on every behavior.

III. WAREHOUSE TYPE - where any type of friend comes in and leaves without any questions, with parents uncaring of its effect on the children.

IV. ZOO TYPE - where each member of the family is absolutely free to behave as he feels best towards parents, younger and older siblings, leading to completely undisciplined children.

V. PARLIAMENT TYPE - where, family members, when they meet, talk about all kinds of issues outside the family, political, economic and others, but no communication on matters of personal concern, sharing or emotional support takes place.

VI. A TRUE HOME - where members of the family share feelings, and emotions, are honest with each other, accept other members of the family for what they are, and eager to help in the personal growth and development of the others.

Parents, particularly mothers, have a big role to play in the present scenario of widespread breakdown of family bonding. Homes need to be created in every house, which enable healthy self-development of youth, positive attitudes to life and others, work ethic and a spirit of self-reliance, which is the only lasting vaccine against the dwindling of the family spirit.

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