Thursday, October 1, 2009


Brain is a 1.4 kg mass of wrinkled flesh – the motherboard of the computer which is known as a human being. Memory is stored in the brain. But unlike the computer, human memory is selective. It’s efficiency increases with need and interest. People who use their brain systematically, and who are generally well organized, have a better memory. Essentially it is the mental function of retaining information about stimuli, events, images, ideas etc. after the original stimuli are no longer present.

Remembering people is always one of the issues with most of us. Unfortunately the brain seems to remember nasty and unpleasant people more than the good ones. Memory is connected to emotions (what you FEEL about the person decides whether you will remember him or not).

The process consists of—Observation & assimilation, proper storage, recall at the right time, and suppression when we do not want it to interfere with our current thinking. Relaxation, yoga, meditation have been age old methods to improve and channel your memory. Also, if you develop the habit of thinking sequentially (one step at a time), unpleasant memories are less likely to bother you.

Methods for keeping your mind sharp (and preventing unpleasant thoughts from invading your thought process): Physical exercise, Good nutritious food, Brain teasers and exercises, Relaxation, deep breathing, Proper sleep, Laughter, humour and pleasing thoughts, Keep recalling old anecdotes, experiences, skills, and last but not least – Keeping good social contacts

Childhood memories shape what we are today – blank areas possibly relate to trauma. Our mind wants to forget certain painful facts – by repression

To improve your positive memory:

  • Bring down stress levels
  • Relax, particularly on important occasions do not hesitate to ask, clarify, roll it in your mind
  • rationalize the facts and figures, and incidents
  • recall periodically, talk about it to others
  • Brisk walking increases oxygen flow to brain
  • Glucose gives sharpness to the brain – fruits and vegetables, strawberries, spinach
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Brain is a muscle and needs exercise. Crossword puzzles, card games, learning something new, reading thought provoking books
  • Travel, see new places, be with nature
  • Interactions with new people stimulates the brain

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