Thursday, October 1, 2009

Over Ambition or Contentment

Over ambition and contentment are distant cousins. Over ambition could be in the area of Emotions, Inter Personal Relationships, Materialistic wants, Spiritual attainments. There is nothing wrong in having ambitions. Having realistic ambition within ones capacity is progressive when it is managed and kept flexible. Also by having realistic ambition for something one may strive to achieve it. Every achievement thus attained gives sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Over ambition beyond the reach may lead to disappointment and frustration. Sometimes over ambition may make one look up higher and higher increasing the disappointment and frustration level. Even attainable ambitions may be achieved at much slower pace than one anticipates. This also may lead to disappointment and frustration. Patience may be lost leading to deeper disappointment and frustration. Biggest loss is satisfaction, peace of mind and CONTENTMENT.

The distant cousin of over ambition is CONTENTMENT. That means be contented at every step. Enjoy where you are and what life has to offer even while working towards being somewhere higher. Contentment gives the desired peace. To work towards contentment one has to do some hard mental exercises:

  • Firstly take time off. Simply take time off from the drudgery of over ambitions and devote time for some leisurely activities, enjoy family and friends and start ‘working to live’ rather than just ‘living to work.’ This may help in achieving the unachieved realistic goals.
  • Secondly appreciate what one has. Count the small mercies and bonuses life offers in bountiful, which otherwise would have been missed out in the rat race of over ambition. Start looking at the less privileged than one is.
  • Lastly give, give and give. Give ‘TIME’, your time as much as possible to reach out to others and in whatever little way you can. One has a choice of giving materially for needy and worthy cause.

This is the food and nourishment CONTENTMENT thrives on so wonderfully.

Both over ambition and contentment are in you. Which ever you feed, nourish and cherish more that will grow in you. Grow over ambition and keep seeking the eluding satisfaction and peace of mind. Grow contentment the eluding satisfaction and peace of mind come searching you.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, as you may already found I am new here.
Hope to get some help from you if I will have any quesitons.
Thanks and good luck everyone! ;)