Thursday, October 1, 2009


Most of the time we use gestures without even being aware of it. Study your own gestures and those of others:

Limply held hands convey a sense of dejection, of negativity, or lack of vitality. Hiding the thumbs is a sign of with drawal. The thumb held rigidly close to the palm betrays someone who is over-controlled. Perspiring of the hands is an indication of fear or discomfort. Arms and hands held close to the body are a sign of introverted nature or defen sive attitude. Jerky or rigid hand or arm movements are invariably a sign of tension and anxiety. So is fiddling.

Confidence and self assurance is conveyed by easy, flowing, controlled movements.

Each gesture is like a word in a language. In order to understand completely, one must structure the gestures into sentences that express complete thoughts.

The way you enter or get up to talk makes the important first impression. First impressions are made within seconds, confirmed within minutes, and last for a long time.

Always maintain eye contact -- many emotions are expressed by eyes, and the other person feels a bond of attachment. Do not stare, and do not have shifty eyes.

Feet -- do not shuffle, walk meaninglessly, shift from one to another, rock to and fro, rise on your toes. Feet are the most difficult to control in body language, and they give away the true feelings of the person.

Lies -- verbal lies are easy, but body does not lie usually. You can catch a fleeting truthful expression on the face before the person covers it up. People telling lies usually have stiff and controlled postures, and minimum arm move ments.

Dressing -- plays an important part in what impression you are giving others. They form judgments based on your height, complexion, suitability of your dress to the occasion. Shoes/chappals are one way of making out a person's nature.

Be aware of the tone of using key words -- eg "Yes"

Have an open posture, giving a feeling of welcome to the other person. Smiling faces are always more attractive than glum or frowning faces.

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