Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tips for parents in disturbed marriages

  • Reinforce periodically to child that both love him
  • Don’t try to pretend that everything is okay when he walks in
  • Don’t try to compensate by giving him material gifts
  • Explain reasons for fights, even when he does not show interest
  • Never criticize other parent in absence, and don’t allow him to play politics between parents. Don’t use him as a spy. Don’t criticize other parent to relatives or friends in his presence.
  • Don’t involve him or expect him to take sides
  • Show small affection/appreciation to each other whenever possible
  • Give him extra doses of demonstrative love
  • Reinforce that family is important and permanent
  • Keep communication open at least as far as child’s welfare is concerned
  • Be aware of the long term impact on the child and that he may start showing bad behavior.

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prasadk said...

I was expecting for more posts :)